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Freddy’s Escape House is a classic HTML5 action game based on FNaF. Aside from being accessible on PC, you are able to download and play online the new story on your mobile phone. The lobby appears with a little battery and a door which will lead you to the place that you are going to fight against multiple enemies by yourself. It is a dark battlefield where you are forced to supervise everything around your spot. It is a dangerous location and the shelter of monsters.

Similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy’s unblocked, you must defend your life from every scary creatures’ attack or you will lose immediately and get stuck there forever. Try to master controls and survive until you find out the exit! Additionally, collect the highest score to be the best player. Remember to follow arrows! They will show you the way out. Are you ready to conquer your racing and come back home safely? Good luck!

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