Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

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Do you dare to work in a dark storage? Let’s explore more challenges and resolve mysteries in Five Nights at Fazbear Storage now! The game is currently downloadable for free.
Five Nights at Fazbear Storage is a fan-made game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. There are various hidden secrets and mysteries awaiting you ahead in the game. You will take a job and work at a Fazbear Storage. This place holds a bunch of equipment that can be used in some cases. The possessor wants to place all the animatronic toys in this place, and they will be very helpful to use in some situations. Unluckily, those animatronics are unable to be turned off; they turn extremely weird. As a guard of the storage, you’re supposed to keep track of those animatronics and make sure nothing can go wrong. You will definitely bump into those enemies, and all you have to do is to protect your life and survive until the end. Don’t let them get closer to you! Otherwise, you will get jumpscared, resulting in a game over. Good luck!


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