Five Nights at Illuminati

Five Nights at Illuminati

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File Size: 193 MB - Version: 2.1.0

New version! AJ bugs finally fixed!

Download Five Nights at Illuminati at here

Start awesome challenges and unravel mysteries in Five Nights at Illuminati now! You can download the game for free and begin your epic adventure. Have fun!
Five Nights at Illuminati draws out an amazing story and challenges for players. If you are a big fan of FNaF games that are made by fans, then this is the game for you. The game is a merging of Five Nights at Pingas and One Night at Flumpty’s. You will join the MLG No Souper Museum containing a bunch of odd things taking place at night. You’re entering the creepiest nightmare ever! You have no choice but thinking about how to tackle with devils surrounding you. In this museum, you are supposed to trigger the door if you catch sight of anyone standing there, and close the vent too. Try to fulfill these tasks properly and skillfully. Otherwise, the enemies will jump out and scare you to death. Your game goal is to protect your life and survive all five dreadful nights. This is also a way to test your surviving skill. So, go for it now and see how long you can last!


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