Five Nights At Minecraft

Five Nights At Minecraft

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File Size: 49 MB - Version: 0.1.0

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Be prepared for frightful and tough challenges in Five Nights at Minecraft! The game opens a new creepy adventure filled with evil animatronics. Download and check it out!
Five Nights at Minecraft happens after witnessing Fazbear Entertainment being shut down in 1999 because of the bankruptcy, turning this place into nothing but a forgotten place. No more performances from animatronics, no more tasty food and stuff like that anymore! There were various horror events taking place in this ancient restaurant. Some of the kids went to this place but never came back! They were kidnaped for no reason, and now their parents want justice. You are put in the shoes of an investigator, and you’re supposed to go into the collapse of Fazbear Entertainment, bring all the evidence and claim that those people are very blameworthy. Try to collect the documents and bring them to all people. This is a good way to let people know the truth. During your investigation, you should protect your life from possible dangers surrounding. Start it now and good luck to you!

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