Five Nights At Pinkies

Five Nights At Pinkies

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File Size: 374 MB - Version: 2.3.1

New version! AJ bugs finally fixed!

Download Five Nights At Pinkies at here

Do you want to experience more terrors and panic feelings? Let’s start downloading Five Nights at Pinkies and join this awesome creepy game to explore more challenges.

Without a doubt, Five Nights at Pinkies is a fan made game based on a story in Five Nights at Freddy’s game. A usual, once joining, you will be put in the shoes of a night watchman working from midnight till the morning. This time, you will be a staff of Pinkie’s Cupcakes Corner in which people usually go to for enjoying delicious cupcakes and other fast food. At night, you will encounter lots of odd things and dangers lurking in the shadows. This place completely turns into a frightful place, and there are some of the animatronics coming out and starting their “performances”. Monitor your cameras carefully and close the emergency doors in time to keep them out of your office. If you enter your room, well, you’d better expect a jumpscare! Try to survive all the creepy nights and beat this challenge. You ready? Play and prove your skills now!

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