Five Nights at Slenderman (DEMO)

Five Nights at Slenderman (DEMO)

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Five Nights at Slenderman (DEMO) is an amazing crossover game by a fan and it’s based on two famous horror adventure games called Slenderman and Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game is still in Early Access stage, so right now, you can just download the demo version. You will experience a bunch of panic feelings, with various creepy challenges. Instead of dealing with animatronics that roam around the restaurant in the original games, now, you will have to face Slenderman! This is a mysterious character in the game that you must find out and survive his attacks. With a very few of equipment you have, like cameras, doors, and stuff, you need to use them wisely and try to stop Slenderman from attacking you. If you don’t stay focused on your game, he might jumpscare you, which causes your game to come to an end. You have 5 nights for your survival, so start joining it now and prove your skills!

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File Size: 138 MB - Version: 1.2.0

Download Five Nights at Slenderman (DEMO) at here

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