6 Nights Of Terror – Remade

6 Nights Of Terror – Remade

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6 Nights Of Terror - Remade

6 Nights Of Terror a cool Fnaf fangame and the remade demo is available to download! Play like an explorer and escape the haunted building quickly to survive! You are called by the boss of Party Inc. and you come back to Ricky’s Birthday Parlor. After you head to the halls of the place where has been abandoned for a long time, you trigger the old security system. Unfortunately, you are completely trapped. From an adventurer, you are turned into an unexpected watchman.

However, your mission in Fnaf 6 Nights Of Terror Gamejolt is not only to watch over devices. Actually, you must prevent monsters from catching you. They include Ricky and his buddies. During 6 nights, you have to perform your action wisely. Each time you use something free in the room, power will be reduced. Be careful! If it runs out before 6 AM, you will instantly get troubles. That is similar to the gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy’s series created by Scott Cawthon. Good luck!

6 Nights Of Terror – Remade Demo

6 Nights Of Terror – Remade Full

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