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Lloyd March 3, 2022 FNaF Download

FNAF After Hours is a refreshing fangame where you can adventure freely and control electronic cyborgs. Download it here and enjoy it now on your device.

This is a new adventure in FNAF After Hours where the plot and justice completely change. You can control the robots to catch criminals and explore the vast map here.

If you have ever thought of a new sense of adventure in an FNAF fangame, this is your choice to play it for real. It changes the typical point and click survival gameplay, changes the context and more. So you might not realize this is an FNAF fangame anymore.

FNAF After Hours Free Download
FNAF After Hours Free Download

But it’s really cool with those changes, like a breath of fresh air with a unique taste. Instead of sitting in a closed room to survive, you can roam around the town, completing quests and collecting items, and uncovering bizarre secrets.

And instead of always having to find a way out of the animatronics, now you can go with them. You can control them to operate guns, drive cars, and hunt criminals in town. If you can catch a certain criminal, you will be greatly appreciated by everyone.

FNAF After Hours

File Size: 293 MB - Version: 0.0.6

FNAF After Hours Soundtrack

File Size: 1 Song - Version: 0.0.1

It has so much to do and explore in this FNAF action, doesn’t it? But this is a completely new experience that many FNAF fans have always been waiting for. You will have many opportunities to explore more instead of sitting still and can become a robot manager to see how useful they can be.

Don’t hesitate anymore because you can download FNAF After Hours for free here. Although the creator of this game has stopped developing it, it is still an interesting work worth trying. What you get is new and extended nights of adventure alongside familiar friends.

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