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Discover the official version of Fnaf ALTA’S FRIGHT game and enjoy the new challenge along with multiple scary creatures lurking in the dark! Try to defend yourself! Indeed, you must survive as long as possible once you step into your FNAF fangame. Especially, you are advised to stay alive at 6 AM so that you can become the winner and get entry to the exit.

In FNAF Gamejolt ALTA’S FRIGHT, you will start off with a secret man called X-2000. You are chosen for an experiment number 2019 with a result of 0 successful trials. The boss is afraid of wrong behavior of his beloved animatronics including Polar and Pando. You should supervise these robots and report to the right owners Alta and Breno who have already disappeared for 347 days. Download Alta’s Fright free and you need to finish both of the main objectives excellently! Otherwise, you cannot keep living. The quest will last 7 minutes real. During that period of time, you do not let anything going into your room. Good luck!

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Download Alta’s Fright V.1.2.1 Huge Update

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