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> Dormitabis

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> Dormitabis

> Dormitabis is a great horror FNAF inspired fan game. Discover a dark vintage restaurant and collect all of the hidden objects to uncover every mystery! They are tapes scattered across the building. Remember that it is not a safe place! Actually, it is the home of some dangerous scary monsters. They look like animatronic mascots in Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

Download > Dormitabis Gamejolt free and you can embark on an interesting adventure by yourself! While roaming around areas to gather what you want, you can be attacked by those creatures. Make use of security cameras and every device in the room to support your progress! When you level up, you will be able to see more details related to the secret abandoned in the place. There are various challenges to join and conquer. Besides, you can check a wide series of characters in each stage. Try to finish your mission quickly and survive! 

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