Five nights at golden freddy’s 1

Five nights at golden freddy’s 1

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Five nights at golden freddy’s 1 promises to give you more terrors and panic feelings. If you want to experience a new thing that is scary and spooky, then this fan-made game will be your good choice! Inspired from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, the game gets you through new challenges and opens a new story for you to discover. Similar to the original games, the players have to face and tackle with one animatronic, and it’s Golden Freddy in this fan game. He will try to enter your office, tease you a lot and if you’re not careful, you will be jumpscared easily. Being equipped with some stuff, like doors, and lights, you need to use them wisely and be sure that nothing wrong will happen to you. Make an effort to survive until the morning and stay alive all 5 nights to beat the game. Download it now for free and conquer all challenges!

Five nights at golden freddy's 1

File Size: 81 MB - Version: 1.13.0

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