Five Nights At Mike’s (Official)

Five Nights At Mike’s (Official)

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Five Nights At Mike’s (Official) opens another creepy and horrible adventure for you! If you want to test your panic feelings and know how long you can last to deal with fears, and terrors, you must check this fangame out. The game is based on Five Nights at Freddy’s which is another famous horror game all over the world. The story of this fan-game game centers on a new restaurant named Fazdog Pizza. It was purchased and renamed after the collapse of Freddy Fazbear companies. This new place will bring you brand new animatronics and lots of happiness. The restaurant has been opened for 5 months, the previous night watchman has quit his job, but now, that vacant job position will be assigned to you. You will play as a night security guard named Randy Johnson, and your mission is to fight off the animatronics roaming around the restaurant at night. Try to prevent them from entering your place, and survive until the morning. The game is still in Early Access stage, so you can download the current version in order to play and check if there is any development in future.

Five Nights At Mike's (Official)

File Size: 130 MB - Version: 0.1.0

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