Five nights at springtraps springeria

Five nights at springtraps springeria

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Are you up for a funny job in another fan-made game called Five nights at springtraps springeria? This is a horror adventure game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s games. The game mostly centers on SpringtrapĀ and his friends trying to give you lots of cupcakes and other stuff. Are they that friendly and cute? It’s obviously not! They never want to act friendly and support you, so, their doings are just fake in order to help them do another cruel thing, which is killing you. Now, you know their main purposes, so you must try to best to take them out and stop them from entering your room. You can utilize the button on the right to get them out, but shouldn’t touch it too much. Or else, you will get destroyed by the balloon dude. However, with Freddy’s top hat, you can use it to lure that Balloon guy away. Wish you luck!

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