Five Nights at Toy Freddy’s (New Version)

Five Nights at Toy Freddy’s (New Version)

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Let’s return to a horrible restaurant and take a new job there! This is what you will experience in Five Nights at Toy Freddy’s (New Version) which is created and developed by a fan. The game is also inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s games made by Scott Cawthon. It takes place in an entertaining restaurant which has just been rebuilt for some reason. You’re offered a good job working at night throughout the summer season. All toy animatronics are all here waiting for your return. They become extremely strange when the night comes, and as a night security guard, you are supposed to keep an eye on these animatronics and try your hardest to stop them from getting into your office. Working at night in a condition that lacks of light is so hard and risky. Every bad thing can be possible to happen when your lights go out. Your goal is to survive for 5 nights and protect yourself no matter what! Good luck!

Five Nights at Toy Freddy's

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