Five Nights at Yoshi’s

Five Nights at Yoshi’s

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In Five Nights at Yoshi’s, you are going to get through new creepy challenges while facing lots of spooky animatronics. This fan-made game is still in Early Access stage, but you still can download its current version to explore those challenges and story. The game is made by a fan based on Five Nights at Freddy’s games. It takes place at Yoshi restaurant full of animatronics, including Yoshi, Kirby, Doshi and Yoxy. You are hired as a night security guard working at this place with a nice salary, $150 per week. Your mission is to check and keep an eye on the cameras in order to be sure that these animatronic stay in their place all the time. These characters will wander around the building and they try to enter your office. You need to stop them from roaming around, use your skills or strategies to survive and beat all challenges. You must stay alive until 6 AM and try to get paid at the end of every week. Have fun!

Five Nights at Yoshi's

File Size: 86 MB - Version: 1.0.0

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