Five Nights At Candy’s

Five Nights At Candy’s

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Five Nights At Candy's

File Size: 104 MB - Version: 1.2.2

Are you ready to explore a horror story filled with challenges in Five Nights at Candy’s? The game is totally downloadable, and it contains lots of mysteries in. Check them out!
Based on Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Candy’s also offers a frightful adventure to players who are fond of horror games. The pizzeria needs to come to an end for some of the reasons. Now, people will welcome another restaurant called Candy. Since it has just been opened, the owners are still recruiting a security guard working at night. After taking this job, as a night watchman, your mission is to protect the restaurant and don’t let any animatronics destroy it. They are evil enemies that you will encounter, including Candy the Cat, Cindy the Cat, Old Candy, the Penguin and much more. These ones always want to jumpscare and kill you. They are lurking in the shadows and trying to grab a chance to attack you. With the surveillance cameras that you are provided with, try to make the best use of them to keep track of animatronics. You can totally trigger the Night Vision feature on cameras to see things in the shadows. Survive all the nights and conquer the challenge!

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