Five Nights at Sonic’s 3

Lloyd June 9, 2016 FNaF Download

This Five Nights at Sonic's 3 game is free for you to download and play. Let's get this Fnaf download free game and explore it now! Hope you enjoyed!

Five Nights at Sonic’s 3 download

Five Nights at Sonic’s 3 version 1.0.2 was released on Sep 14, 2015. You can download this full game and the game soundtrack at these links below.

Five Nights at Sonic's 3

File Size: 192 MB - Version: 1.0.2

In this amazing Five Nights at Sonic’s 3 game, Sonic is unlike what you have ever seen before. He is still strong, but he will not take part in any adventure anymore. At this place, he transforms quickly into a scary animatronics. And his mission is to kill you. The story will begin soon. After the pizza shop had been closed ten years ago, the owner decided to reopen it. And the robots come back their stage once again.

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