Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3

Lloyd June 2, 2022 FNaF Download

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 arrives with changes in story and visuals. It's better than the previous one thanks to the addition of characters and sounds.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 fangame is a great idea and it is officially available for download now. It will continue the story of the 2nd part but more jumpscares.

The FNAF fan creator started working on this game in 2016. Although they said there wouldn’t be a third season it came out as a gift to the backers. This third installment comes with many important changes, especially in its story.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Gamejolt Download
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Gamejolt Download

The McDonald’s restaurant, after a period of vigorous development, was abandoned and was intended to be built into a discovery center. But the construction process encountered many difficulties because the gangs constantly vandalized the work. So the boss needs to hire a security guard to guard the coming nights, you are the best to choose.

But starting on the first night, you realize something is wrong here. The cartoon characters who once served in the restaurant are back again and they won’t leave you alone. There is no other way, you have to try to avoid them to complete your guard duty.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Full Version

File Size: 75 MB - Version: 0.1.1

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon) Android

File Size: 57 MB - Version: 0.2.0

Before dawn, you will need to use cameras and power to observe and act in time. You need to have a clear plan if you don’t want to meet mysterious creatures in unexpected jumpscares. This gameplay is too familiar in FNAF strategy download, but maybe you need time to approach.

The best thing about Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Android is probably the return of famous cartoon characters in the second part. They will remind you of many memorable nights in the old warehouse. But temporarily put that memory aside and create a new moment in this third part.

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