FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download

Lloyd July 3, 2018 FNaF Download

Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download game and set up the difficulty of animatronics! Engage in the new job and defend yourself from scary machines now!

It is available to enjoy the current version of FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download game by realscawthon! It is about an exciting adventure of a young man who has been hired to look after a local vintage restaurant for many hours. But, he is being trapped. Join that story and give him a hand so he can complete his shift without being killed. So, you need to keep your life safe until the end.

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download

Before you embark on your mission, do not forget to choose animatronics among 50 characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Besides, you can adjust their difficulty from 0 to 20. Note that you will be only allowed to work in a cramped room. And, you are forced to use every item in that small area to fend off deadly robots. Once they appear at two side doors, two vents, or two air hoses, you can get troubles. Additionally, you should observe 2 Pirate Cove curtains and manage other tools like the A/C, heater, global music box, and more. If you gather Faz coins, you can visit the prize counter to purchase objects. Let’s begin and do not ignore unlockable office skins with cutscenes!

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night Free Download

File Size: 262 MB - Version: 0.10.0

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