Fortnight at Freddy’s (Five nights at Freddy’s Parody)

Fortnight at Freddy’s (Five nights at Freddy’s Parody)

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Download Fortnight at Freddy’s (Five Nights at Freddy’s Parody) and begin your amazing challenges! This is an RPG fan-made game where you will take on a role of an animatronic coming from game by Scott Cawthon. Unlike the original games, in this fangame, you will become that cruel animatronic and take a chance to join awesome quests, adventure, as well as battle against others. The game also opens a brand new story for you to discover. It has many secrets, mysteries and features the Safe Room. You will get so many challenges and thrilled moments once joining this parody version. The game is suitable for all ages, so you can download and play with your friends if you want. You are also required to use your excellent skills, think carefully and try to unravel all puzzles. Are you ready? Click to download the game now and conquer your challenges!

Fortnight at Freddy's (Five nights at Freddy's Parody)

File Size: 22 MB - Version: 1.0.0

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