Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

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Honeybears Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Give a shot to another FNAF Horror Fangame called Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo! The game is free to downloadable and installable on your Windows PC. It was made by a fan and pretty much inspired by FNAF. In the game, it has been almost a year building the tavern for the children to try new kinds of food, with new animatronic robots and more. When the development process goes on, the owner of the restaurant needs someone to test the robotics during the night to make sure that they work well. You’re the perfect one for that job! You will come to this restaurant working from 12 AM to 6 AM trying to watch over the power as well as temperature to make sure all the robots won’t act up strangely. Can you survive the nights? Play it now!

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