One Night at FNaF 2’s

One Night at FNaF 2’s

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One Night at FNaF 2's
One Night at FNaF 2’s

One Night at FNaF 2’s is a short FNAF fan game made in 3 and a half hours. Play the new adventure with a watchman and prevent the white boi for survival! He will be the main antagonist that you need to block from invading your office inside FNaF 2’s pizzeria. He is able to roam throughout the building and he can enter your space whenever if you don’t stop him promptly. 

After you download One Night at FNaF 2’s Gamejolt free and open the door, you should pick the flashlight. Additionally, shine it at the target by holding the Ctrl key. It’s important to avoid being exposed! Otherwise, he will catch and kill you. Remember that the battery of the tool can be consumed fast while it is very limited! Therefore, you are recommended to search for your monitor to recharge it properly. Different from other horror FNAF base fan-made games, you will be required to stay alive at 4 AM. Are you ready to challenge your ability and escape successfully? Good luck!

One Night at FNaF 2’s Free Download

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