Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night

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Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night

Rejected Custom Night is a unique creepy fangame inspired by Fnaf. It is a remake where you have to evade deadly jumpscares of evil animatronics to survive!

Rejected Custom Night is regarded as an “Ultimate Custom Night”. It will offer dozens of aggressive robots every day.



  • Left click to add AI
  • Right click to cancel
  • Middle mouse to set 10 AI


  • W to the front vent door
  • A to the left door
  • D to the right door
  • Q to the left vent door
  • E to the right vent door


  • Ctrl to choose the flashlight
  • Space to the fan
  • Left mouse button to drink coffee
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Aside from the guard in the horror Rejected Custom Night fangame, you are able to meet up with plenty of hostile characters from the original Fnaf. We have 6 rows. Each of them will include 6 opponents.

Row 1

  1. Golden Freddy will appear in your office after you switch off the monitor that Rejected Custom Night game offers.
  2. Endo01 usually stay in Parts and Service. Close the left door when he stares at the camera. If he returns, turned off in PaS, you can open. When you do not block the entrance, he will cover your view for a few seconds.
  3. Withered Freddy will not break into in your office very often, causing the audio and visual distractions. Wear the Freddy Fazbear mask!
  4. Withered Foxy will stand at the right hallway. In case he moves towards the doorway on the camera, select the flashlight and shine to push back him.
  5. Shadow Freddy shelters in Parts and Service of Rejected Custom Night, too. Once his eyes light up, play the global music box immediately!
  6. Endo02 will visit the Dining Area camera. Also, operate the global music box or he will slither through the right vent. Close it!
  7. Phantom Chica’s face can be seen on the arcade cabinet in your room. Click it quickly!
  8. Phantom Foxy from Fnaf game can surprise you. Try to toggle the flashlight at him properly!
  9. Phantom Marionette will approach you from doorways. Activate flashlight as fast as possible!
  10. Nightmare Foxy will run down the left corridor. If you find him running, do not close the left door or he will crash into. But, flash the light to blind him when he invades.

Row 2

  1. Jack-O-Bonnie will capture the left hall in Rejected Custom Night game. Trigger the global music box!
  2. Adventure Freddy will crawl in the front vent. Shut it!
  3. Adventure Bonnie will get crazier if the internet is invalid. Wind up the connection!
  4. Adventure Chica’s cupcake will arrive on your desk if the monitor is hidden. Turn on the fan if you see enough five cupcakes or they will prevent your view.
  5. Adventure Foxy will be revealed from the left vent. Close it!
  6. Adventure Endo01 will wait in shadows. It is useful to choose the flashlight or he will bring back some issues for 2 in-game 2 hours.
  7. Adventure Funtime Foxy will depart from his place and roam in the right vent.
  8. Adventure Fredbear will draw closer with a deathcoin. Click it to repel Fredbear!
  9. Adventure Purpleguy’s image will be visible above a camera button. You should shift to that area rapidly.
  10. Coffee can fend off filling up if you consume it. Note that it is always ready to perform jumpscares when it is provided with the full energy from the caffeine. But, you can be killed if you drink too much!

Row 3

  1. Chipper in the survival horror Rejected Custom Night game can enter from either door. Observe cameras and slam the correct door in time!
  2. Chica’s Magic Rainbow is a female rival in the new Fnaf fan-made game. She can charge the Rainbow Cannon. It is best to soothe her by gazing at Cam 03 hourly.
  3. Adventure Lolbit is not as dangerous as you think. He only hinders your view. Just type L-O-L!
  4. Mendo loves to dance on the desk. He will ask you to buy an endo armor. Purchasing a better item can increase his attacking chance. Remember that the object on the left can protect your from one jump, etc.
  5. Souldozer will be spotted on Cam 01 or 02. Close the door where he will come into!
  6. Brow Boy will travel through the vent system in the Rejected Custom Night game. You cannot find him on the radar. Therefore, you need to close the door when you perceive his laughs!
  7. Ball Boy will throw a ball through a door. Shut the door to dodge!
  8. Funtime Freddy will stop at one of the passageways. Do not forget to close the door if he says!
  9. Bon-Bon will lurk behind something. Do not hover your mouse over its body! However, you are advised to hit the big black button below that robot to disable it.
  10. Bidybabs is the name of a small group of three little animatronic characters in Fnaf Rejected Custom Night. They master how to crawl in vents. The blue-eyed guy is the slowest while the green-eyed one is faster. And, the yellow-eyed machine is the quickest. Close the door to make them disappear on the radar!

Row 4

  1. Yenndo may want to wander around your office. If he starts to change the position, turn on the fan to make him less aggressive.
  2. HandUnit in the Rejected Custom Night fangame can flip up in your “territory”. Pick out an option on the keypad and he will bring it to your place.
  3. Dark Springtrap is a burned robot and he does hate the light. Supervise cameras to look for his glowing eyes and close the door promptly! He often becomes evident out of the right office door.
  4. Mr. Hugs is in the Gamer area. He leads Five Nights with Toy Freddy. Choose that camera to handle his strange behaviors. Additionally, close the vent door if the Toy pops up on the vent cameras. Furthermore, it is necessary to shut the main door when you locate it on the major hall camera. If the Game Over screen is displayed on Mr. Hug’s map, he will follow you.
  5. Pan Stan
  6. Candy Cadet can act occasionally. Interact with him to switch off his noises.
  7. Do not ignore pressing Paperpals’s nose!
  8. Security Puppet will not move. But, you should not hover over her for too long or she will get angry!
  9. Prize King is a special animatronic character in your Fnaf download game.
  10. Egg Baby will generate s a beeping sound. Be careful! You have to search and gather a miniature in your room before you run out of time.

Row 5

  1. Clowns in your favorite Rejected Custom Night fan-made game inspired by Fnaf. They are actually lethal. Shut the monitor and do not put on the mask in the process because you cannot stop any of them!
  2. Tangle can appear on the table. Use the fan to blow away him!
  3. Redbear can occupy 3 vents. Single out the right vent!
  4. Whiterabbit will block your vision. Activate the camera!
  5. Toy Foxy is good at climbing in the vents. Wear the mask to fool him!
  6. Blacktime, the Ennard mask will turn into the Blacktime Freddy one. Click it when you detect!
  7. Phone Dude will call you. Press the MUTE CALL button before he begins!
  8. Blacklight Rockstar Freddy can require you to set down five coins. To deactivate him, you must save 5 Fazcoins around your office.
  9. SpringBonnie suit will stay in your room.  Wind up the springlocks many times!
  10. Scott will come as a 2D sprite. If he changes into the real form, click on him!

Row 6

  1. Gumball Swivehands is one either of the hallways in the cool Fnaf Rejected Custom Night game. Close the correct door!
  2. Exotic Butters will become apparent in an unexpected region. Click on it!
  3. Adventure Crying Child will create gift boxes in your area. Press them to collect a buff (+1 power, -1 caffeine, jumpscare proof).
  4. Pickles will be present with 5 pickles inside a jar. Pull down the monitor so the container removes by one pickle. Click it when it’s one 1 to fill again. It is necessary to consider when you decide to click or do not click that item when there is over 1 because you can be attacked.
  5. Bouncepot will communicate and jumpscare at the end of Rejected Custom Night Fnaf Download. In another case, you can utilize the fane to force him back.
  6. Scott Head can sit on your desk. If he moves, please hover the mouse cursor over his body to lessen his anger or you will die.
  7. Kitty in the Crowd must be pressed. It hides around your position. Otherwise, it will block your view.
  8. Click Tyke to stave off Chipper from jumping in front of you!
  9. Prize King will produce a Strange Traveler.
  10. Try to seek and get rid of the Golden Cupcake!

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