Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME]

Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME]

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Download Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake [OLD GAME] and discover its three maps free! Control scary animatronic characters and roam around areas your way! That is not similar to the first original chapter of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott. Actually, you will not play Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake like a security guard anymore. You do not need to stay still a place to supervise every device. In the new fangame, you will take another role.

After you open Sinister Turmoil: Unofficial Remake, Gamejolt, you will be able to choose one location from the three rooms available. The list includes Forest, Fazbears Fright, and Fazbears Pizza. All of them and mascots or damaged robots are unlocked at the start. Just pick out whichever you love and you can embark on a trip of your own without paying a penny! Now, it’s really simple to explore every corner of the haunted restaurant! Have fun!

Sinister: Turmoil Alpha 3

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