Tetris Night at Freddy’s

Tetris Night at Freddy’s

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Tetris Night at Freddy’s is a fascinating and challenging fan-made game which is a nice combination of Five Nights at Freddy’s game by Scott Cawthon and Tetris, a classic puzzle game online. In this fangame, you will take on many tasks at the same time, which give you more intense moments. Different from the original FNaF games, you are supposed to keep the animatronics out of your office by playing Tetris game. You must try to play it continuously and don’t fail, otherwise, the animatronics will enter your place, resulting in a game over. During your Tetris game, you must pay attention to your office as well. If you catch sight of any animatronics out there, you must put the Freddy Head (Red Bar( on so that you can hide yourself and wait until they leave. Don’t forget to use the flashlight to make Foxy go away because using the Freddy mask can’t cheat on him. ¬†After that, you can return to your Tetris game and continue to play it. Are you ready? It’s time to download the game! Enjoy it!

Tetris Night at Freddy's

File Size: 56 MB - Version: 1.0.0

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