The History Of Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy’s Fanmade)

The History Of Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy’s Fanmade)

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The History Of Freddy is another fan-made game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game is extremely scary to play, which gives you a lot of creepy moments and fears. Similar to the original game, you will have to face a lot of creepy challenges, along with a spooky cruel animatronic named Freddy Fazbear. This animatronic has come back to the pizza restaurant and it’s ready for a new adventure. The brand new attraction fright has been opened once again, and this time, you will start to deal with Freddy as well as unravel the mysteries relating to this animatronic. Your main objective in the game is to beat all the dangers that can harm you, prevent Freddy from jumping out and scaring you, as well as try to survive until the end. The game will bring you an interesting experience and you will have a chance to find out the history of this animatronic.Since the game is still in Early Access, you can download the short current version for free and start your quest!

The History Of Freddy (Five Nights at Freddy's Fanmade)

File Size: 39 MB - Version: 1.0.0

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