Week Whit Mac Tonight

Week Whit Mac Tonight

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Week Whit Mac Tonight

Week Whit Mac Tonight is a free-for-all horror FNAF fangame. Play like a night security guard at a restaurant and defend yourself from animatronic characters! Staying alive at 6 AM, the time that your shift ends, will be the key leading to the final victory. As a new employee in the current Gamejolt title, you need to learn how to use basic tools found in the office. They are effective “weapons” to push back the enemy before they kill you.

Cameras in FNaF Week Whit Mac Tonight will allow you to follow every movement of the opponent while they are roaming. Meanwhile, other tools are useful to block their progress. Although it is hard to conquer the challenge, you can become the winner in Week Whit Mac Tonight Download if you know the way to deploy them. Furthermore, try your best to save power. If it runs out too soon, you can get troubles with deadly jumpscares. Are you ready to open the door and begin? Good luck!

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