Five Night’s at Golden Freddy’s

Lloyd August 5, 2019 Fnaf Games

Five Night’s at Golden Freddy’s is a horror game like Fnaf. It is free for all to play online directly on your PC without download! Similar to the original, you will start off with a young security guard. You will work the night shift at a vintage restaurant in the local, from 12 to 6 AM. During that 1-week challenge, you have to look after everything in the building, prevent all burglars, and more importantly, keep your life safe.

While you cannot leave the office of Five Night’s at Golden Freddy’s unblocked, your enemies – scary animatronic characters can roam and enter wherever they want. Be careful! They can stuff you into an empty suit until you die because your blood depletes. Do not let them be successful in catching you! Otherwise, you will lose. Are you ready to access Night 1 and unlock the rest to get paid? Remember that the resource is limited! Try to use tools smartly!

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