Nickelodeon: OMG… Zombies!

Lloyd October 13, 2020 Fnaf Games, Horror, HTML5

Nickelodeon: OMG… Zombies! free online is a Halloween game where you must give candy to trick-or-treaters while trying to scare away zombies by giving them licorice. The game is easy to play, but it requires you to have a good memory as well as good skills to deal with challenges. You have to answer the door quickly! If the trick-or-treaters come in front of your door, give them candy, but if the zombies come, give them licorice. Do not let zombies gather and break in, or the game will be over. You should try to earn coins to buy props from the shop so you can decorate your house. It will be better if you play Nickelodeon: OMG… Zombies! game with your headphones! Have fun!

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