Krusty Krab at Night

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Krusty Krab at Night is a horror adventure game made from Five Nights at Freddy’s. You have to defeat the animatronics as well as unravel all mysteries.

Krusty Krab at Night is a PC game with a creepy adventure for you to explore. It gives you a horror vibe as you play through nights trying to defeat animatronics.

Krusty Krab at Night is a game for brave players

If you are a fan of Scott’s games – Five Nights at Freddy’s games, then you will be ready for this horror adventure. The game takes inspiration from its predecessors but it still gives you a good horror vibe.

Krusty Krab At Night by Eugene Krabs Released
Krusty Krab At Night by Eugene Krabs Released

Things you have to do in the game

The game takes place at a restaurant with a name – Krusty Krab. It is home to tasty Krabby Patty. Knowing its popularity, lots of people come to enjoy the food and the show. However, they don’t know that there are some employees who have vanished from here.

You play as a worker coming to this restaurant to guard it during the night. While you are here, you need to protect yourself from the creepy animatronics. They are the robots of the restaurant. However, they look creepy at night.

Krusty Krab at Night

File Size: 10 MB - Version: 1.1.0

There are some tools for you to use to work. For instance, you can use lights, cameras, and a Squidward mask. They are simple yet functional tools that help you get through your shift.

Make sure you use the tools in a smart way so you can survive the creepiness of the animatronics. Your goal is to not only complete the nights but also solve the mysteries of the restaurant.

Krusty Krab at Night free download lets you show your bravery as you play through creepy nights.

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