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Are you willing to take on another love quest with Five Days at Jumpscare Academy? This is a new FNAF Dating Sim giving you more chances to gain the love of your favorite animatronics. This time, you will play as a student who studies at Jumpscare Academy. Your mission is to hunt for the animatronics and try to create a nice relationship with them. You must check on the map and go to all the rooms to find your targets. Once you meet them, you have to do stuff to them, like start a conversation, answer the question, hug, kiss and much more. There are so many things for you to do to gain their love. So just try anything you can! You have 5 days/nights to carry on this love quest, and your goal is to make them fall in love with you. There are 5 discrepant characters featuring in the game for you to date. Also you can discover 9 discrepant endings and unravel all secrets. Have fun, guys!

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