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Explore the secret of Five Days At Jumpscare Academy-FNAF DATING SIM game right now! It is the new story of a student, and he needs your help to have the best result in studying. He has to graduate at all costs. So, when you embark on Five Days At Jumpscare Academy-FNAF DATING SIM, you will have to study hard in your class. If it is empty, you can move to other rooms such as the library, gym, or the cafeteria. Or you can return your bedroom to rest. In some rooms, you can meet familiar characters from Fnaf game. You can talk with them, give them items or answer their questions. Be careful! You should save you energy. It is very important for your next test. It also increases the chance of passing the test. Are you ready to complete this mission? Try to control everything in each situation skillfully! Have much fun!

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