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Five Nights at Thomas’s Free Online game will bring a lot of thrilling and scary moments to players. It is the story of a night shift worker. Everything happens in a room of a magical and creepy place where you can enjoy tasty pizza for only 5.99. However, there is something weird inside. An old train still works right here. Every night, it appears, and a face will try to attack or even kill you. When you enter this Five Nights at Thomas’s Free Online game, you will have to work hard to put coal constantly into the furnace. It will create the power. Be careful! You can die if you run out of coal. Also, you can’t live if you don’t stop the enemy in time. At all costs, you have to escape and survive. Remember that you are equipped with only a flashlight in this FNAF Games. Tips: When the door is closed, and Thomas is there, the light will become darker.

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