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Five Nights At Treasure Island game will lead you to a place used to be the popular amusement park. You start your mission there, and you will receive a lot of thrilling moments for free. Five Nights At Treasure Island is inspired by the FNAF series of Scott Cawthon. So, it full convergences every element to create a creepy adventure for players. It is also the fan-made game by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez based on FNAF game and Abandoned by Disney. Your story in this FNAF game will happen on a strange island. And you are an apprentice of a research team. However, you are not permitted to leave the office room except for the pirate Caverns. But you can use a system of ten cameras to supervise everything around you. They will help you know every movement of weird creatures here. And you can find the outfits wandering at night. Remember that you must push them back or they will kill you! Good luck!

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