One Counterless Night at Dipsy’s

Lloyd November 14, 2022 Games

One Counterless Night at Dipsy's 1.0.2 is a survival horror Five Nights at Freddy's recreation in which you have to attempt to defend your life and win. Good luck!

One Counterless Night at Dipsy’s 1.0.2 is an interesting Five Nights at Freddy’s fan made containing the .exe (game) and the .mfa (source code). The MFA will not be requested to run the version. There are two counters. One of them is set for storage. There is an open source. Besides, the security cameras that you will use to keep track the enemy is similar to ones in Toonster’s Six Horrors at Toony’s.

One Counterless Night at Dipsy's Horror Game
One Counterless Night at Dipsy’s Horror Game

After you enter the Fnaf game that you select, you will have to act carefully while trying to finish your job and looking for secrets hidden inside the Tubbyland, an abandoned location. There are many animatronic robots inhabiting in this creepy place. Like the gameplay of Fnaf game, you must ward off these characters if you want to escape because they are hunting you. Unfortunately, the door is too weak to close. Also, the vent will make the toxins increase. When it is released, it will cause you to black out. Have fun!

FNAF One Counterless Night at Dipsy's

File Size: 115 MB - Version: 1.0.2

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