Fazbear Tycoon

Lloyd October 11, 2022 Horror

FNAF Fazbear Tycoon is the nights in a new restaurant with the survival mechanics of FNAF. You don't need to wait any longer to download Fazbear Tycoon now.

FNAF Fazbear Tycoon has got a new business for you manage employees, even cyborgs. Night is the time for you to discover the truth behind the beauty of the restaurant.

FNAF Fazbear Tycoon Horror Game
FNAF Fazbear Tycoon Horror Game

The story begins when Fazbear Entertainment franchises the new franchise. There will be dozens of things to do to redecorate the old restaurant with decorations and menus. Of course, you will need more staff to help, and hire robots to entertain. But you don’t know that they are other people at night.

With a business endeavour, you stay at the restaurant for nights to keep watch and inadvertently find out the truth. The familiar robots in the FNAF horror game come to life with their evil looks and crazy actions. You need to escape from them to survive until morning and inform everyone the truth.

FNAF Fazbear Tycoon

File Size: 74 MB - Version: 1.6.0

FNAF Fazbear Tycoon Soundtrack

File Size: 27.8 MB - Version: 1.0.0

So will you succeed to survive before the mechanical beasts finish you off with jumpscares? Use the familiar camera to see everything from the entrance to the party room and more. You also need to maintain power to escape unexpected scares.

The classic survival gameplay in FNAF download remains the same while the story is completely new. The visuals are a little different but still evoke unforgettable memories in your experience with FNAF games. Besides, the background music of the game is very diverse with 6 catchy songs, contributing to the attraction of the game.

If you have been looking forward to this for a long time, why not try Fazbear Tycoon for PC free download? It is for you to get to your device and promises to create many memorable surprises. The coming nights will be pretty cool to uncover all the secrets in the store that will be renamed soon.

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