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Read the Privacy Policy of to understand more about how your privacy is protected on this site. You learn it prior to using the services.

Privacy Policy of is kind of important to learn. So, you need to read the policy that contains the information about your privacy on this website.

We created the Privacy Policy for this website because we wanted that everything must be clear to the users. You will also know how your privacy is protected.

The importance of having Privacy Policy on

When you use our website, you may feel afraid of your privacy. Due to that, we created the Privacy Policy just to protect the privacy of all users when they are on our website.

This section provides you with the types of information that we collect as well as the types of information that we don’t collect. You will understand how to use the website in the right way.

As you know, is a site that features a variety of Five Nights at Freddy’s games made by fans. These games come from GameJolt – a famous website featuring horror games, especially FNAF games. The fan games took inspiration from the original series called Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon.

We are fans of those FNAF games. Therefore, we made this website so we can share the best games with users.

Privacy Policy of lets you know some information about your privacy when you are on the website

We collect some of the types of information from you

While you are on our website, we can collect some types of information from you. For instance, we collect your avatar or profile picture, email address, username, password, IP address, Facebook address, ads you viewed, country, timezone, network connection, local settings, and browser.

The reason why we collect your information

The reason why we collect those types of information is that we use them for advertising purposes. However, you can feel at ease that we protect your information.

Besides, your information will also help us enhance our services. We can also use your information to connect you when there is something wrong with the website. If you have any feedback, you can send it to us via

Information we don’t collect

Information about children under 18 is information that we don’t collect. It is because the website features horror games that are not for children under 18.

Manage your account on

Once you have become a user of, you can manage your account on this website. For instance, you can access it, change the information or even delete it.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback via!

About Cookies

We install cookies on our website. Therefore, you also need to know what cookies are about. They are technology tools that collect information from you. They will help us operate the website in an appropriate way.

Cookies will also let us know the way our website is operating and help us find out the users who are on utilizing the website.

About security rules

With security rules, users will not utilize the website in the wrong way. Every user has a password then they need to provide us with their passwords so we can keep the database safe on the website. For the staff managing the website, they will enter the system using those passwords.

However, if there are security breaches and violations, we will try our best to repair them as well as maintain the system to make it better.

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