Five Nights With Ponies 2

Lloyd November 3, 2022 Strategy

Five Nights with Ponies 2 game aims to test your surviving skills. You are going to deal with a variety of cruel Ponies as you work at a scary restaurant.

Five Nights With Ponies 2 is a spooky and creepy game by a fan. It is an amazing fan creation where you fight against Ponies with a scary look. They try to defeat you.

Five Nights With Ponies 2 is new yet a familiar experience

Although the game is based on the famous series – Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, it is still a great choice. The game itself is kind of new to players. However, it presents a familiar gaming experience. So, you will easily have a good grasp of its gameplay.

Five Nights With Ponies Games Full Version
Five Nights With Ponies Games Full Version

What will you do in the game?

Similar to its predecessor and other FNAF games, you also come to a restaurant. The restaurant has a nice name which is Sugar Cube Corner. You come here to work as a watchman for some nights.

You probably find it easy to complete this job. However, it is such a scary job for you to do. You sit in an office with lots of cameras. Your mission is to use those cameras to check the corners of the restaurant. This is how you keep the place safe.

Five Nights With Ponies 2

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While working, you notice a creepy thing which is the movements of Ponies. Ponies are the animatronics of the restaurant. They entertain children and adults during the daytime. However, they are creepy animatronics during the nighttime.

So, you need to guard yourself against those animatronics while making sure your task is complete.

Five Nights With Ponies 2 free download is the sequel to Five Nights with Ponies. So, you should check it out to express your surviving skills.

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