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FNAF 2 Simulator is an FNaF strategy horror game. In FNAF 2 Simulator game, you play as one of the creepiest animatronics to fight against the night guard.

FNAF 2 Simulator is an amazing FNAF game created by a fan. It has a different gameplay mechanic that makes the adventure in the game more interesting yet creepier.

FNAF 2 Simulator makes you one of the creepiest animatronics

Different from other FNaF strategy games, in this FNaF 2022 game, you play as an animatronic roaming the building at night. This also makes the adventure more amazing. You can experience the abilities of animatronics.

FNAF 2 Simulator Free Download
FNAF 2 Simulator Free Download

Avoid the night guard and defeat him in this FNAF 2 Simulator game

The game is a sequel to FNAF Simulator also by a fan. So, if you already played the first chapter, then you would find this one easy to play. You simply select an animatronic that you want to play as then enter the adventure.

Since you are an animatronic, you will make your way through the building at night. There is a night guard sitting in the office watching over you through the cameras. So, you need to calculate your moves and select a pathway to avoid being caught by him. Your goal is to enter the room to jumpscare the night guard.

FNAF 2 Simulator Remastered Demo

File Size: 39 MB - Version: 0.1.0

FNAF 2 Simulator Remastered Old Version

File Size: 121 MB - Version: 5.0.0

The game features a variety of animatronics for you to play with. For instance, you can play as Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, BB, Withered Freddy, Withered Chica, Withered Bonnie, Withered Foxy, and Golden Freddy.

Download FNAF Simulator 2 for free to enjoy an amazing animatronic-themed adventure! You can express your animatronic abilities to vanquish the challenges in the game.

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