Obsolete After the Accident

Lloyd October 14, 2022 Strategy

FNAF Obsolete After the Accident game are adventure levels. Obsolete After the Accident game is a fresh, well-rounded FNAF fangame with a unique visual style.

You can download Obsolete After the Accident full version now to immerse yourself in the horror story inspired by FNAF. The chases and the secrets, they will thrill you.

This is an amazing FNAF fangame with a perfect mix of visuals, sound, motion, story and more. It changed everything in the FNAF series and filled it with exciting new stuff. Let’s explore it and the story behind the crash in the dark.

FNAF Obsolete After the Accident Full Game
FNAF Obsolete After the Accident Full Game

The game experience is a survival adventure game for you to explore in the role of a young girl. You need to complete missions, while avoiding encounters from mysterious creatures. It’s a real life hunt, so you can’t play it like normal prank.

The game takes place in the Stumpys Play House, the birthplace of characters like Anty, Mousey and Birdie. It’s darker than you’ve seen in another FNAF horror download. And it’s really cool to be your place of adventure with characters you don’t expect.

Obsolete:ATA DEMO 1 October Update

File Size: 2 GB - Version: 0.3.56

Obsolete:ATA DEMO 1 Patch 1 32 Bit

File Size: 1 GB - Version: 0.3.1

Obsolete:ATA DEMO 1 Soundtrack

File Size: 6 MB - Version: 2 Songs

You will see everything in the first person perspective, interacting with the surrounding objects by clicking. Each item has its own meaning to lead to the story you want to discover and the quests you need to complete. But it is only useful when you know how to open it and use it appropriately.

So, test your survival skills with FNAF Obsolete After the Accident, a daring fangame. You need to conquer level 1 to unlock level 2, level 3 and go from surprise to surprise. Many mysteries unfold before your eyes, accompanied by an increasingly engaging and passionate background music.

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