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Find out Terms of Use of gamejoltfnaf.com so you can understand what terms are used for this site. These terms will let you know how to use the website right.

It is important to learn the Terms of Use of gamejoltfnaf.com. This is because the terms will bring you a better experience on the website.

You will need to read them so you will not violate any things on the website.

The importance of the Terms of Use on gamejoltfnaf.com

We want our website to bring users the best experience possible. In other words, we don’t want to have any violations on our website. Therefore, we set out the terms of use so all users will know how to use the website right.

Gamejoltfnaf.com is home to FNAF games. These games are based on Five Nights at Freddy’s games by Scott Cawthon. They are from various fans who love to play FNAF games.

Because we are fans of those games, we made this website to collect the best fan games for you.

Terms of use of gamejoltfnaf.com


Elements such as graphics, logos, images, and texts in the games belong to their original creators.

We own some elements such as the descriptions of the games and the instructions on how to play them and how to download them.

Prior to downloading any games, you can have a look at those descriptions and instructions. We don’t allow any users to use our content without our agreement.

How users communicate with us

If you want to communicate with us, you can connect us via our email which is info@gamejoltfnaf.com. You send us your feedback via that email. Then, we will send our replies as soon as possible.

There are also other ways to communicate with us. For instance, you can send us a comment then we will reply to it.

Privacy Policy

We also created a policy of privacy for all users. You should also read this section so you will have a good grasp of the information that we collect and the information you have to provide when you use the website.


There will be advertisements on gamejoltfnaf.com. Therefore, you will see the content in those advertisements. However, they are appropriate even though they are from third parties.

You can send us feedback via info@gamejoltfnaf.com if there are advertisements that are not suitable for the website.

Rules for users

Make sure you adhere to our terms of use on this website so you can have a good experience. Because we have those terms of use, we will not allow any wrong activities on the website. You can contact us if there is any wrong activity.

Your account for utilizing the services

When you use our website, you have to create an account. Then, you need to keep it. You have to protect your username and password since you will use them to log into the website.

Data Protection

We collect and protect your information. So, you can feel safe about this. We also recommend you read our Privacy Policy on this website then you will know which information we collect from you.

We allow you to access gamejoltfnaf.com

You can use your account to access our website. However, you can only use it with the services we provide. We don’t allow you to change or misuse our game content. If we find out any violations, we will ban that account, and that user will not use our website.

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