Five Nights at Candy’s (Official)

Five Nights at Candy’s (Official)

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Five Nights at Candy's (Official)

Download the official Five Nights at Candy’s game free and defend from every animatronic character for survival! Show your abilities and conquer 5 nights now! Five Nights at Candy’s is the first chapter of the cool FNaC series. It is set in a dark restaurant. So, cameras can be turned on with the corresponding vision whenever. CAM-04 and 06 will point right at the other side of the door. Therefore, that mode is really helpful to check everything coming by.

Play Five Nights at Candy’s Gamejolt you should find a proper strategy because using tools from the office will consume limited power. Meanwhile, it is important to deploy devices that are able to supervise or block the enemy. There are only 3 mini batteries above the meter. They are attached with 3 entrances of the room. If they run out before 6 AM, you will be killed. The foes look like antagonists in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. Let’s start your job and win! Good luck!

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