Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)

Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)

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Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official)

Download the official Into the Pit: Lights Out FNAF fangame for free and embark on a completely new mission! Try to survive and you will be able to escape! So, you are joining a horror adventure inspired by the first book of the popular Fazbear Frights series. It is set in a place called Fazbear’s Magic Pit!. It is a building in which kids and parents can entertain in the ballpit area or taste the best pizzas in the city. In Into the Pit: Lights Out (Official) Gamejolt, you will play like a watchman. You are hired to watch over animatronic mascots and equipment. However, you must prevent these robots from approaching your space or you will be killed. Aside from 5 playable nights, there are various cutscenes and Eater Eggs awaiting you ahead. Further, you can delve deeper into the “Fun in the Pit” Mode. It will be unlocked after you conquer Night 5. Start to turn on the power system and explore your job now!

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Into the Pit: Lights Out – 2 NIGHTS DEMO Free Download

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