Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night

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Ultimate Custom Night

Download Ultimate Custom Night by realscawthon for free and check out the final FNAF mashup! Enjoy the new challenge with dozens of scary animatronics now! It is a good place to test abilities that antagonists from Five Nights at Freddy’s chapters.

Ultimate Custom Night available on Gamejolt features 50 selectable animatronic characters. They are from FNAF games. It’s comfortable to customize the hostile party. Actually, you can mix and match any type of those robots. Especially, you can reset their difficulty level from 0 to 20 before you start. From the office desk in Ultimate Custom Night, you will play two side doors, two vents, and two air hoses smartly. They will stop the enemy from approaching your spot. It results in your death after that. Do not forget the Pirate Cove curtains! Besides, there are a few tools like the heater, a/C, a global music box, a power generator, and so on. Additionally, you can set the laser traps in the ventilation system, gather Faz-Coins, buy stuff, and more. Have fun!

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