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Ultimate Custom Night Online

Ultimate Custom Night Online brings to the player a small part from the original. It is useful for those who want to experience a little before making the decision to take part in the real game that is available and free to play on Steam. Come to the new chapter and you should act wisely to save yourself from every dangerous case. It means that the job that you are hired to complete for many nights is not easy at all.

Indeed, you are being trapped in the office of the restaurant. Furthermore, you are being surrounded and observed by several moving robots. Moreover, you can be attacked and killed whenever if one of them crawls into your room. Therefore, you must prevent them from heading to your place if you want to survive and win. In Ultimate Custom Night game, you will be able to check another difficulty level and you are recommended to take control of every tool or item in your small space skillfully. They will help you block the forward movement of your enemies effectively. Unfortunately, you will become more vulnerable if you run out of oxygen or power.

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